Monday, November 22, 2010

Little things matter a lot!!!

No matter how you apply yourself to the larger picture, no matter how hard you toil overall, ultimately it is the smaller things you ignore that let you down. You get rapped on the knuckles for the little undone, rather than noticed for the vast you have done. For good or evil, it is the smaller things that betray you. The most meticulously planned murder or the most carefully executed project could equally end up in disaster for the protagonist because of the minutest detail that was left to chance.

Little things can be the most irritating in the world. But life is indeed about the smaller stuff. Each mood you adopt helps form your permanent temperament; each act builds up towards a habit; habits lay the foundation for personalities. Every word either helps form friends or enemies. And all these factors together decide your future. Considering this, how lightly we take every mood, every act and every word we utter! We do not pay attention to the little things that have the greatest impact on our lives. The difference between successful and non successful people sometimes is just that the former understand the importance of paying attention to the smaller details and improving day by day. Nobody becomes an "overnight" success. They reach the pinnacle only after paying attention to the "little things" for years

Look at the power of small. An ant is a small thing and yet can cause an elephant's death; termites are so miniscule, but can devour entire mansions; a small matchstick can burn up an entire building, and "little errors" can sink a ship that could never sink, the Titanic! Look at the positives of the "little things.
To improve your life - think positive, believe more, smile, be thankful for little bits of happiness! Small gestures enacted with love and understanding have a greater impact.

Perfection lies in trivia but perfection is not trivia
The world's best leaders and most successful people have the ability to focus their attention for extended periods on a single subject and paying acute attention to minute details